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Hello everybody! This is Zena! I love TV series (Supernatural, Hannibal, Sherlock, Dexter, Merlin, Criminal Minds, just to quote some) and also comics and dark subjects, so that's what you'll find here. Something from videogames as well from time to time...and everything I'll see and like! I also enjoy roleplaying, so if you want to I'm for the asking!

My wish for this site? Lot of fun!

  • aaralyn29:

    - because Cas saved Dean

    - because Dean convinced Cas to rebel

    - because they would die for each other

    - because they understand each other like no one else can

    - because Cas needs someone to believe in

    - because Dean gave Cas a purpose

    - because they are as messed up as each other


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  • filithebrony:

    I have waited my entire life for this

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  • gxrdenofeden:

    trying to explain to your parents why you have no friends

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  • i’d rather have you,

                                 cursed or not.

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  • Castiel - I think I'm Gonna Like It Here (9 x 01)

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  • backtonatureblog:

    Lets get back to nature together. Visit: Get Back To Nature Blog

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